Rifftrax Live: Space Mutiny


What if we took the Dot Matrix Printers out of Alien and footage from Battlestar Galactica and tried to pass it off as a movie? Space Mutiny, folks!

The Southern Sun is a multi-generational colonization ship (and certainly not two or three warehouse sets) led by Cameron Mitchell and his prosthetic eyebrows. This upsets Kalgan, who wanted the entire prosthetic budget for himself. The only solution: the aforementioned Space Mutiny! Standing in the way of all this space and mutiny is chunky pilot Dave Ryder, who will throw as many extras over safety railings as necessary to get the job done.

Can Punch Rockgroin stop the mutiny in time? Will Stump Chunkmen be able to save the ship? Or is Blast Thickneck doomed to failure?

Join Mike, Servo, Crow, Beat PunchBeef, Fist RockBone, and Crunch ButtSteak as they thoroughly study their space parliamentary proceedings to endure Space Mutiny!

RUN TIME: 120 min